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How to Download Hulu Videos

Hulu is among the most popular video sharing internet sites, offering individuals a huge choice of motion pictures, TV programs and even more remarkable digital content. However, to its followers’ disappointment, hulu does not provide service to download Hulu videos. What’s worse, few 3rd-party tools can support Hulu video download It’s undoubtedly a big headache… Read More »

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How you can Remove Audible DRM and Convert AA to MP3

AA file as we know it’s a digital audio format utilized by Audible to save audio books.It’s made for storing spoken word audio and supports chapter markers, bookmarks, etc.Audio books purchased in Audible are in .aa format with DRM copy protection which stops users from having fun with AA files on non-Audible Ready compatible players… Read More »

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The best ways to Take away DRM from Zune Marketplace quickly

The Zune Marketplace is an very popular music, video and podcast store that include Zune application and Xbox 360. the songs(offered in DRM-restricted WMA format) downloaded from the Zune Marketplace are protected by DRM license just like iTunes, and therefore audio purchased from Zune Marketplace cannot be played in iPod or on some other Apple… Read More »

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Ways to Participate in iTunes files on Galaxy S2

This guide will show you tips on how to transfer DRM protected iTunes video clip and audio files to Samsung Galaxy S2 supported file format so you can enjoy your iTunes files with your mobile phone. Samsung Galaxy S2 is certainly a fantastic handset to have. It comes with a high resolution 1280 x 800… Read More »

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Tips to enjoy DVD on TouchPad Tablet

HP TouchPad features with a 9.7-inch XGA capacitive, multitouch screen with a vibrant 18-bit color and 1024×768 high definition resolution. 3.5 mm stereo handset, internal stereo speakers and Beats audios, up to 32GB internal memory, together with the support of HD video playback, all these produce excellent HD video experience for you to enjoy DVD… Read More »

Apple’s iOS new application: binding equipment to simplify maintenance

Apple seems to be developing a new iOS applications, to provide users with apple technical support personnel to better communication, and for users of the iPhone, the Apple devices provide troubleshooting techniques and repair advice. According to the fact a great god @ sonnydickson Revelations of screenshots, through the application, the user can choose to… Read More »

The remote control to nvidia shields TV standard

Family and sitting room entertainment has become the major manufacturers the next focus of science and technology, Apple recently updated the Apple TV product line, and the Android camp is not to be outdone, such as nvidia launched earlier this year advocate hit shields TV game properties. It is worth mentioning that shields before TV… Read More »

Asus is launching a cheap version of HoloLens next year

Is already under way with the prospect of augmented reality technology, in addition to the Microsoft many technology vendors have plan to join in this technology. Recently, asustek recently said it had communication with Microsoft, is currently working on a AR augmented reality show wearing, next year is expected to release the product. For the… Read More »

LG G4 is a golden edition sold only in South Korea

Since the apple on the iPhone using gold, gold has become a lot after the appearance of the Android flagship machine standard color, which including the LG’s new flagship model LG V10. But let a person feel a bit strange, LG earlier a flagship model although G4 provides a very rich back cover, but only… Read More »

The researchers invented transparent solar cells

In August last year, researchers at the university of Michigan, has developed a completely transparent solar concentrator, a window or a piece of glass can be arbitrary (smart phone screen, for example) into a photovoltaic solar cells. Now, the Massachusetts institute technology (MIT) of a startup Ubiquitous Energy and to perfect the technology, make it… Read More »

The iPhone remote control loopholes exposure

According to the latest report, the Apple iPhone has new loopholes, hackers using this vulnerability can remote control the iPhone. The vulnerability is a virus called Zerodium team. However, the team did not release details of the vulnerability, because they need to be this kind of leak confidential, that is to say won’t tell apple.… Read More »

The Kangaroo desktop computers

Although Windows 10 the number of users reached new highs, but it still failed to stop the users from the traditional computer, in favour of mixing equipment, smart phones or computer rod device type. Recently came out of the Kangaroo PC is a very novel computer products, its fuselage size only smartphones, but it is… Read More »

Sony A6000 upgrade exposure

Polish media reports, Sony senior product design manager Masaaki Oshima as an interview, for the first time in the official tone has revealed A6000 upgrade edition in some cases, which are stepping up research and development a APS – C format digital camera, instead of A6000, as for the launch time can’t sure. At present,… Read More »

Dell launched its new Venue plate series

Dell has to upgrade its Venue series epoxy resin plate, brought the new function, faster processor and the USB Type – C interface. According to introducing, the new Venue 8 and Venue 10 Pro are carrying the retail version of Windows operating system, Continuum function can automatic test equipment of the current work status, and… Read More »

New Samsung 4K blu-ray player is coming

2015 “held in Berlin, Germany ifa the Samsung has announced its first 4K super clear blue (UHD blu-ray) player. 2015 new blu-ray standard format adopted 3840 x 2160 resolution, WCG technology can bring “64 times to traditional broadcast media color expression”. New models support HDR technology, that is to say, can present more detail at… Read More »